Marriage Without Sex – A Reason for Divorce?

If a marriage is completely sexless, is that a good reason for divorce?

IF one is in a marriage without any sexual intimacy whatsoever, is that a good reason for divorce? If not, and one divorces and remarries, is that one committing adultery? Will that person ever be able to enter heaven?

Marriage Without Sex—A Reason for Divorce?

Does God Condone Adultery?

If someone divorces then remarries, they commit adultery. How then can God condone the new marriage?

This one’s hard to describe. Let me post a portion of the original question sent to Tim.

I feel the church that I attend is becoming a seeker friendly church and is trying to avoid “so called” controversial topics like hell, various types of sins, obedience to God, materialism, etc. There is one topic that Jesus talks about that I doubt I will ever hear in my church and that is the subject of divorce. Divorce is a big problem in this country and “Christian” couples seem to be just as likely to get divorced as non-Christian couples even though it should not be this way. What I read and understand from Jesus, is that God wants married couples to remain married (Matthew 19:6, Malachi 2:16). Paul also says not to get divorced (1 Corinthians 7:10-11). I also read that if a couple does get divorced for anything other than unfaithfulness and then either the husband or wife remarries, they are committing adultery in the new marriage (Matthew 19:9, Matthew 5:32, Mark 10:11-12). My question to Tim is this, if a Christian couple gets divorced for any reason other than unfaithfulness, and then either or both remarry, are they committing adultery? If they are committing adultery, are they forgiven by God even though they are continually sinning in this new relationship? Since repentance is the turning away from sin and not wanting to do it (a change of heart and mind), I do not understand how a divorced couple that has been remarried is not sinning.

Does God Condone Adultery?