Will God Forgive Intentional Sin?

Will God forgive deliberate sin? Adultery? Theft? Greed? Lust? What if the sin has continued for a long time?

Adultery. Theft. Greed. Lust. Lying.

Sometimes Christians sin. And sometimes, Christians sin deliberately. When we make conscious decisions to ignore God’s direction and do our own thing, we put Him to open shame.

As life progresses and sin expands, feelings of hopelessness and doubt creep in.

“I’ll never be able to change.”
“I’ve been doing this way too long.”
“I won’t pray anymore. God won’t listen to me anyway.”
“If I died tonight, I’d wake up in hell.”
“What if all this is just a waste of my time? Is there really an invisible God in the sky?”

Ongoing sin produces guilt, doubt and complacency.

But if willful or intentional sins cannot be forgiven, then none of us have any hope.

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