The Body of Moses

Satan wanted the body of Moses but God decided to hide the body. Huh?

It’s fun getting questions from readers, because you never know what they might ask. This one threw me for a loop . . . so I sent it off to Tim (which I do frequently) and he gave it his best.

The question was this:

What did Satan want with the body of Moses? And why would God want to hide Moses’ body?

Check out our thoughts on the subject here.

One thought on “The Body of Moses”

  1. I really want to say that I believe that God hid the body of Moses because Satan would have used the body of Moses for Israel to make a shrine and worship Moses’s body. Satan always wanted Israel to worship idols and this is why I believe God Himself decided to bury Moses and no one knew where his grave was because they would have worshipped it.

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