Can a Christian Fall Away & Return to God?

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Initially, I joined a Baptist church, and believed to accept Jesus in seventh grade and was baptized. For a couple years I was really involved. But then I fell away. I prayed at times and felt I could live in a worldly fashion–greedy for money, hungry for lust, etc.–then just ask for forgiveness and be safe. I grew in anger and hostility to religion. I really fell away and turned and said things I now regret.

I am now 29. Recently, all of a sudden I have had this burning and overwhelming desire to read the Bible and search for meaning. I have become hardened over time, and I do struggle with temptations and wrongful thoughts. But now the Gospel is hitting me and I know I have erred.

I am deeply troubled however by Hebrews 6:4-6 and 2 Peter 2:20-22 and Hebrews 10:26. Is it not possible for someone to return to repentance after having denied God earlier? Can a person who goes through the motions, then goes his own way, come to repentance? Or have I crossed a point of no return? Is it impossible to truly follow Jesus Christ again and be saved as these verses seem to indicate? Or is falling away a consistent state that can be broken? 1 Timothy 1:13 is troubling as well. What if one willfully sins after having knowledge? Can a Christian fall away and ever receive God’s mercy again? I am really struggling with these sorts of chapters dealing with apostasy. I just feel like I am lost. Please help!

Tim’s Answer
First, I would commend to you the article Does God Want Me Back, where we address your question as it relates to Hebrews 6:4-6 and Hebrews 10:26. God is the God Jesus told us about in Luke 15. He always welcomes the sinner back. No matter how badly His people have sinned, His desire is their return. If you fall away and return, the Father will welcome you with open arms. If you have trouble believing this, I challenge you sometime to begin with Isaiah and read through all of the prophets and mark how badly they had sinned and how many times God continued to call them to repent. And even when they ultimately did not repent, and God brought judgment, God promised to go with them into captivity and to bring them back. As He says in Ezekiel 18, He has no pleasure in the death of those who fall away, but rather wants them to repent. He is the Father who has more joy over one sinner who repents than over 99 sheep who need no repentance. From Abraham to Peter, we have a long history of God’s people falling away and the Father welcoming them back when they turn to Him. So, I can say with confidence that even if you fall away, if you seek God, you will find Him and in your finding your heart will be delighted.

You ask about 2 Peter 2:20-22. The character of false teachers is that they have no desire to repent. They desire the pigpen, the vomit. The point is that they never knew Christ, but were always pigs and dogs. They were never sheep. They did not fall away. The 2 Peter passage does not speak to the issue of those who desire to repent. For such people, God’s arms are always open. He delights in our return. Is this not the entire point of the parable of the prodigal son?

And if he did not delight in our return, there would not be a person on earth that would have any hope. While you may have fallen away like the prodigal son and others may be like the elder son, both needed to have a father who was willing to forgive them. Each of us have sinned. We may think some sins are big and some are small, but the point is that we all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. And, we all have sinned willfully. Those who think otherwise are deceiving themselves. If the Father did not forgive our sins, none of us would have any hope. But His great desire is to have His creation be in fellowship with Him.

You ask about 1 Timothy 1:13, where Paul found mercy because he sinned ignorantly in unbelief. That passage is an interesting passage. Translated woodenly, the passage reads “because being ignorant I did [it] in unbelief.” The focus is that the mercy was extended, not because of ignorance, but because of unbelief. Mercy is always needed for unbelief. It is not needed for belief. Mercy did not come because of ignorance, but because of unbelief. As A.T. Robertson points out in his tome A Grammar of the New Testament, the participle “being ignorant” carries a “manner” meaning rather than a “causal” meaning. Stated in another way, Paul lived and did all of these things in the state of unbelief, while he was ignorant. God’s mercy was extended because of Paul’s unbelief, not because of Paul’s ignorance. Paul’s ignorance was an accompanying manner or characteristic of his unbelief, but it was not the reason for the mercy. The mercy came because of the unbelief, which is why we all need mercy.

The context also draws us to this reading. In 1 Timothy 1:15, Paul states that he was the chief of sinners. There are no sinners greater than Paul was. God is not saying, and Paul is not saying, that there are certain sinners who act ignorantly and on these God will have mercy but for the greater sinners who act deliberately God will not have mercy. Such a reading would do violence to the text. How can Paul be the worst of sinners if he only sinned ignorantly while others sin intentionally? This makes no sense. And if Paul is making a distinction between willful and ignorant sins, then how could God ever show all longsuffering to Paul as a pattern for the rest of us? None of the rest of us can claim that we have never sinned willfully. The passage should not be read to state that God used Paul as this great example to us but actually there is no hope for the rest of us because Paul’s example does not fit us. Such would turn the passage on its head.

Moreover, all of Scripture is filled with examples of intentional sins. Abraham asked Sarah to lie for him; David murdered Uriah; Manasseh did more evil than all the kings before him; Peter denied Christ, the prodigal son left his family for an intentional life of sin . . . If we take the position that intentional sins are not forgiven, then are we consigning Abraham, David, Manasseh, and Peter to hell? Did not all these believers fall away? Did Jesus misspeak when He told about the reception of the prodigal son?

I read 1 Timothy 1:13 as saying that God extended mercy precisely because of the need for mercy in Paul. Paul was acting in unbelief and was ignorant, and needed mercy. That is the condition of us all before we come to Christ (see Ephesians 4:18). We are ignorant and are in unbelief.

In any event, Paul in 1 Timothy 1:13 is talking about his conversion to Christ. He is not talking about the forgiveness of sins and restoration of fellowship for believers. To those who are believers and err, Paul admonishes the church to restore such a one in the spirit of gentleness (Galatians 6:1). There is forgiveness with God. It is His nature and delight to forgive, restore, and renew hearts.

My encouragement to you is to seek God. I have long thought that even if Scripture said there was no hope, the proper response of us all would be to petition heaven and seek to serve God, understanding like the Ninevites of old that perhaps God will change His mind (Jonah 3:7-9; see also David in 2 Samuel 12:22). God may be gracious even as He was to Israel after He told them they had gone too far and He was through with them (Judges 10:13, 16; 11:32). But we do not face such a situation. Rather, we have a God who pleads with us to return to Him. As Isaiah 55:6-7 so eloquently states:

Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord and He will have mercy on him and to our God for He will abundantly pardon.

If you will spend your lifetime seeking and serving God in mercy, truth, and love, you will come to the end of life a happy man. You will be surprised how through the years your life is transformed into the image of His Son, Jesus. Instead of hatred, there will be love; instead of irritation, there will be longsuffering. Instead of sadness, there will be joy. Instead of anxiety, there will be peace. Instead of being controlled by one’s emotions, there will be self-control so that the emotions serve you and do not imprison you. You will experience some of heaven on this earth, as you experience the Holy Spirit in the life of following Christ.

And though it may take some time to reform your mind to get rid of the things you have placed in there, through memorization of the Word, prayer, and focus, you can win that battle and look back with thanksgiving and gratitude to God for a mind, heart, and life that feels clean and pure.

May the Lord Jesus be the brother besides you, the companion within you, and the joy before you.

a fellow pilgrim,


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  1. vehoae

    I’m a child of God, a believer & follower of Jesus Christ, my Lord, Savior, King. My first baptism at 13 was to keep my best friend company in the baptistry. After 18, my life was mostly spent in extreme disobedience of God. In my late 50s, I began studying scriptures to determine what they say to me, not what church elders say they mean. My life changed. Was baptized for the right reason at local Baptist congregation. Really baptized….for the right reason. There’ve even been times since then when I’ve disobeyed God. Much confusion has resulted about repentance and forgiveness after turning away from Truth. This article has been of such relief & blessing to this 68-year-old woman. God bless you with good health & safety, Tim. 5/25/15

  2. Dave

    When you are saved your a babe 1Cor 3: 1, 2. Need to learn scripture to move on to perfection, Hebrew 5: 12, 13, 14 Hebrew 6: 1
    How can you fall when you are just a babe. But fall from perfection is a problem. This is not taught nor understood, but it is in scripture.
    Churches do not teach this they think once saved you are go to go , not true. Moses and Israel in the wilderness died because they refused to
    move on across the Jordan River, John 6: 49 Hebrew 3: 17 This should help but you have to believe scripture of something not taught.

  3. Desi

    May God bless you for this Tim. I hope there would be more people who trully repent and search for God’s mercy reading this.

  4. Dave

    No one reads scripture. Everyone think they are saved by what is accepted by most . Book of Revelation Is about Jesus which is the Church but most think there is going to be great wars, and Heaven in the last chapters. Read again its spiritual Rev 1: 20, candlestick means Church and Star means Angel. A candlestick is a flesh milk item and church is meat spiritual, see 1Cor 3: 1, 2. Read Rev 9: 1, 2, 10, 11, a fallen angel ,star, was given key to bottomless pit,, the tails had a king. Isaiah 9: 15 a tail is a false prophet, one who twist scripture. The king of the tails is Satan. The bottomless pit is the throne of Satan, his authority over the false churches, Read.

  5. Dana

    I know from experience that you can fall away and return to God through Jesus Christ. And to prove it I have told my story on a web site along with giving some information on what helped me.

    1. kristy

      Im in this state now i was baptised, then somewhere along the way got lost, it started i think from being in a relationship with an unbeliever who abused me regularly, been lost ever since, i hate this feeling i feel so empty and dead inside, i dont know what to do, i cant even think right, worst feeling ever, i have satan totally in my life i feel evil continuousally it comes too me non stop. I hope its not late for me, i would love to come back too a right relationship, i dont know what happen.

      1. Kyle

        God loves you, just ask him to come into your life and forgive your sins. That is the beautiful start of the relationship that will last and give you peace. Ask for a prayer by a pastor, though I will to pray for you.

    2. Khaki

      In december i was saved and recieved Christ into my life and was in a right relationship with God and had the Holy Spirit. Then in march i disobeyed God and denied a blessing on my life and started to run into doubt/ disbelief. Then i started to open false doctrines/false teaching. I came back to Christ when i was at the mall and a group of Christians prayed for me and showed me the Word. I accepted Christ again but i still dont feel the same relationship that we used to have and i dont know if im saved/ i fell and i dont have the same joy of salvatjon. I started going to a bible study and am trying to come back to Christ.

    1. Dana

      I took the website down because I wanted to rewrite my story better. So when I have it finished I will put it back online.

  6. Samuel

    Hello, i am in need of true help! I am in the case of a trully born again christian who has fallen away about one year ago, back then i felt the Holly Spirit leave me and i got more and more aware of God’s anger even wrath on me. I asked God for forgiveness hundreds of times, sincerily asking him to come back into my life but all i have had for answer is emptiness in my soul. There is no more love in my heart, i am alive but dead inside. I don’t know where to walk anymore, i feel completly lost, with no more purpose. God is condamning me, i feel cursed and abandonned with no more hope of ever receiving his mercy again. I have become heavily depressed and i have been trying to suicide 3 times already. WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    1. Hope

      Samuel, God will never forsake you. He forgives when you ask for forgiveness. He loves you so much, so much more than I can possibly explain. It is our own hearts that make us feel empty and condemned, even after we ask for forgiveness. Our Lord is a gracious God who does forgive, and who is aching now for the pain you feel. Your life is precious, to Him and to your friends and family – even to me, though I have never met you. Please, do not try to kill yourself. Do not try to end this beautiful life. The Lord loves you and is there for you, even if you cannot currently feel Him. I am praying for you, my friend.
      Lord, I come before you tonight and I lift Samuel to you. Samuel is a beautiful person, Lord. Bless them, I beg You.

    2. Diana

      I become a born again Christian and I lost the joy and holy spirt I know God was very upset with me he let demons attack me I am affaird I am going to hell I been so depressed and feeling hopeless

      1. DJ

        Diana, do not despair. God hasn’t left you or forsaken you. You are just approaching one of life’s test in the wrong manner. James 1:2 says……….
        2 Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various [c]trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces [d]endurance. 4 And let [e]endurance have its perfect [f]result, so that you may be [g]perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

        You are not letting the trial test your faith…you are permitting the trial to test your will. You are saying “I won’t be upset, I won’t lose my joy…”. Again, a test of your will and will power cannot live the Christian life. To be scriptural, if the test comes your response should be…”Lord, I cannot handle this trial but I know you can.

      2. Gregg

        Ok everybody first thing first.First of all hebrews 6:4-6 is in reference to Jews that fell away.In other words they denied Jesus being the messiah .Thats why verse 6 says that they crucify the son of God afresh.Think about it the Jews hated Jesus and had him crucified.The reason paul said it was impossible is because they were the most stubborn bunch ever and they had no intention of turning back.Hebrews 10 26 says if we sin wilfully theres no more sacrifice.Most people dont understand this but heres whats going on.Verse 29 explains that the wilfull sin is counting the blood of Jesus unholy.In other words falling back to animal sacrifice and denying Jesus.Ok 2nd Peter 21 they TURN from the holy commandment,belief in Jesus.God loves you!!!!

    3. Kyle Maynard

      How did the holy spirit leaving feel, help me understand this because somthing like this happens to me. However at church one sunday after thinking lord your not going to forgive me anymore i promised to chance so much and did not and just this night I cursed at an enemy. That morning god spoke through pastor he said if Jesus is not in the heart through the word then we are and we say things we shouldn’t. And right after began to preach that about how our Fathers forgiveness is infinite to think he won’t for give is to put our perspective on things not God. Hang in there brother and please what makes you feel the spirit left maybe we can help one another.

    4. Nicole

      I have been going through the same thing. Recently I thought to just decide Jesus was not a savior & the bible was just lies. I spent a week in torment over this. I think that was a point as well that I wanted to believe in Jesus Christ.
      I was raised in church & accepted Christ at an early age. My whole life I suffer from depression & suicidal tendencies. I asked God to forgive & searching the web for encouraging messages that I am still saved, which brought me here. I will cling to God & pray for his mercy. I still feel empty, but I’m choosing to believe that God has not abandoned me. I understand what you are going through & how confusing it is to be a depressed Christian.
      All I can say is keep praying, searching. Living

    5. Raeshelle Calvin

      Hi Samuel, idk if you are still struggling. But I am in a similar boat as you. I was hit with a massive wave of sinful thoughts which led to questioning God’s love and forgiveness.. I asked and asked His forgiveness and help in conquering sin and became depressed and anxious as I sunk further away finally questioning His existence. I then became less and less grieved with sin and v further into despair and felt hardened. I find t hard to pray and read and come to a point of how can I expect God to forgive me?? I am at unrest, but all I can say is there’s no hope in God there’s no hope anywhere… so by His Grace I pray to continue to read and attend the means he’s given pray that I could once more believe and find joy in serving Him.

    6. Linda

      I am praying for God’s mercy for you Samuel! Lord, please show Samuel any open doors for the devil’s torment or any area that he might be holding back.

      Also, remember that our salvation is not based on feelings. Continue to praise God and thank him for his mercy.

      Lord. Please give Samuel your peace that passes understanding and “restore unto him the joy of his salvation.”

    7. Chelly

      I will never forsake u says god !! Never he loves even when u can’t feel him
      Listen to tenth avenue north -by your side I will be praying for u

    8. Elijah

      I was raised in the church at a very young age, but fell away for a long 8-10 years. I can tell you from experience that God does not condemn believers. However, our choices, sin, and even things like legalism can block us from experiencing a relationship with God. Sometimes things can affect our relationship with God without us realizing it. We can become bound to what is blocking us.
      Personally, my heart just wasn’t right with God. I kept focusing on creating building a career and materialistic things, and this would cause me to slowly forget God. But those desires frequently blocked me from hearing God and receiving His guidance. The bible says that greed or coveting is sin.

    9. Elijah

      I have been through what you had been through, and had thought similar things when I had returned to Christ after 8-10 years. It was hard for me to feel His presence. But I persistently sought God, and began to realize that God was present and with me the whole time. However, I still had a lot of worldly tendencies, which were creating a divide between God and I.
      You have to trust in God. your faith should never be determined by what you feel, but by what the Word says. Jesus says he will never leave nor forsake you. God hasn’t left, but something is blocking you from feeling His presence. But believing you are condemned because you fell away is not biblical.

    10. Thomas

      I once knew God as well. I hit rough spot during my teen years and got into Satanism. I feel horrible about it, and have since turned back to Christ. This verse helps me alot. “But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.
      6For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time of my departure has come. 7I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith; 8in the future there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day; and not only to me, but also to all who have loved His appearing.” (2 Timothy 4:5-7) It’s about winning the war, not the battle. Keep the faith. Amen

    11. jas

      When it comes to the suicide I suggest first you need to get some professional help. What seems spiritual maybe psychological or chemical depression. Second, I suggest you seek out help and support from church, family, friends, crack open the bible and pray.

  7. Ken Collins


    Thank you for allowing the LORD to use you in sharing this information. My situation is similar to the young man who posed the question, as well as to vehoae. I am 49 years old soon to be 50. This post has helped to realize that there is hope to my own situation, as I love the LORD and I want to live his way. Thanks so much!!

  8. C. J.

    Jesus said once that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. When asked about this further Jesus said that all things are possible with GOD. Whether you are rich or have truly fallen away or whatever, never stop seeking him for he is the GOD of love and mercy. If you seek HIM you will find HIM with HIS arms wide open running to meet you again.

      1. Jill

        Can I still return? I have committed a mortal sin in thought deliberately. I’m at a point where I think I push myself to God and I don’t feel wanted. It’s like I’m pushing myself to return… and not but God’s drawing. I am not sure though. My heart hurts when I think of Jesus sometimes. I think about them most of the time…

        1. Alex

          Stop believing that mortal sin catholic heresy. We will sin till the day we die, lots of people struggle with wrongful and sinful thoughts myself included. 1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. He died for those evil thoughts, don’t condemn yourself, but don’t dwell in sinful thought either. You do not need to go to a priest for your sins to be forgiven that’s ridiculous, go and confess it straight to the Lord and ask for his help with the sins you struggle with. And this does NOT mean go on in your sin willfully. Jesus told us to pick up our cross and deny ourselves, and in romans it says shall we sin that grace may abound? GOD FORBID!

  9. Michael

    Dear Samuel
    I understand your situation I have walked in similar footsteps I was baptised in 2013 after which I turned back to exceedingly sinful was of drugs, alcoholism, fornication, deep hatred of self and others. Towards the end of 2014 I came home to our heavenly father it has been a healing process and a process of removing these addictions. your own heart is causing self condemnation I have gone through times like this. Spend time praying and reading your bible. God is faithfull to forgive. You need to give these feelings to God and continually seek him repent of sins and don’t look back(stop thinking about them) A good father never leaves his children Jesus said “I will never leave you nor forsake you” I love you brother

    1. Tonia

      I read the article in CARM about justification and sanctification. The part about a person who seeks sin to be forgiven later was me. I knowingly left walking with God because of trials and decided to live in sin because to me, at that time, unbelievers seemed to be suffering less. I lived my own way for 4 years. I felt so lost and alone and missed what I once had with Jesus so i asked God to
      Forgive me and came back. The problem now is the scriptures that say I’m trampled the blood of Christ. I struggle with trusting in wanting christ alone now. It’s horrible to admit, but my motives are lacking. How can this be made right within me toward God? does God forgive me still when my heart is desiring other than christ alone?

      1. Kat

        Talk to the lord ask for forgiveness pray for grace daily and god will meat you where you are. Take a day at a time pray read his word ask him to fill you with his Holy Spirit if u fall get back up confess and start again…. each time u feel tempted by evil things look up ask god for grace and protection… he will answer be patient

  10. Steph

    Tim’s response made me weep. I had a falling away roughly over a 3 yrr period.
    But God, who is rich in mercy, graciously brought me back to repentance.
    Upon being brought back I was struggling with some issues, questioning my salvation, wondering if I was ever even really saved. I looked worse than an unbeliever in my falling away. I love that God doesn’t allow His to be truly happy or have that inner peace that surpasses all understanding, when we fall away.
    I opened my bible up & read Luke 15:4-7 The Parable of the Lost Sheep. & I realized that was me. I was one of the sheep who strayed. I really was.
    And there really was joy in heaven over this. Over one little sheep doing this! I bawled some heavy tears of repentance and joy!

  11. Steph

    Luke 15: 4 “What man among you, if he has a hundred sheep and has lost one of them, does not leave the ninety-nine in the [b]open pasture and go after the one which is lost until he finds it? 5 When he has found it, he lays it on his shoulders, rejoicing. 6 And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and his neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost!’ 7 I tell you that in the same way, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.

  12. Amanda

    I consider myself to be a true believer and got saved at age 19. Since then I have lived in and out of sin each time the Lord seemed to call me back to repentance. Now I question whether I was ever saved at all and/or have I fallen away so as not to be able to come back? I feel condemned, depressed and unworthy of His forgiveness and have felt this way all my life. I have now resolved to live for Him without the willful sin in my life and desire to grow to maturity in Christ. Is there any hope for me?

    1. Kat

      Faith is believing in that what we cannot see… if we believe and have faith…. there is always hope! Talk to god ask him to fill you with his grace and Holy Spirit and he will meet you where you are .

  13. Charlene

    Everyday we get up and choose to honor God with thanksgiving, we are building up the Kingdom of God that lives in us and taking back what the devil has stolen. We may not see it in our natural eyes or feel it all the time. By faith, knowing His word is true, we walk on towards the goal. Jesus Himself was able to go through the torment of crucifixion keeping His eyes on the hope that was set before Him. Romans 8:18 “..the suffering of the present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory that is to be revealed to us.” Jesus did the hard part for us. Alls we need to do is choose to walk in His glory, knowing that we are forgiven, being thankful for the gift of salvation that has been “freely” given. One day at a time sweet Jesus…

  14. Quintin

    I want you all to know how incredibly encouraging it is to know I am not the only one who battles with the feelings of condemnation. I was truly born again 2 years ago after being baptised a week earlier. The presence of the spirit of Christ was overwhelming for a period of time. Overtime I began to fall away back into the flesh and the old person I was. Now I don’t recognize the spirit like I once did. Now the condemnation is overwhelming at times. I am thankful however I am not the only one. The devil has away of isolating us and making us feel like we’re all alone with no where to go. You are not your thoughts or actions. The flesh is weight we all have to cary for now. You are not alone. You are loved. You are precious to…

    1. Scott

      I was born again Oct 2001, lasted for a few years and his presence was my lifeline. Then i was devastated through heavy attacks and trials, took my eyes off of him and i fell away, went back to a life of drugs and all manner of sin! Been thinking about ending my life. Cant find my way out of this dark place. Want nothing more than to be restored but think im beyond restorable. Fear, loneliness and anger are about all i feel these days!! So alone

  15. Adriana

    Read the book of revelation when he is speaking to the churches. As a Christian we are saved by faith in Christ Jesus. But the bible also says faith without works is dead Read James 2:14-26. We have to imitate our Lord Jesuschrist and obey his word. The Lord always tells us to persevere to the end so we can be saved and not to drop out of the race to receive the crown of life. Read James 1:2-4,12, Thessalonians 1:4-5 KJV I recommend you read Revelation 3:5,14 also read chapter 1,2 and all of 3. We have to take care of our great salvation with fear and trembling read Hebrews 2:1-3.Try your best and persevere to the end. Read from the KIng James Version.

  16. TC

    I also fell away from God, and fear He will never take me back. I was calling psychics which was something I had done before knowing it was wrong. I had given it up but it was always a temptation for me. I stopped going to church a few years back then continued getting readings, partying, and fornication. I have now lost my jobs, my home, my good reputation, and my health. I cannot function to be able to find new jobs. I feel like this is God’s final abandonment of me and He will never forgive or restore me. Its been an extreme wake up call. I have been suicidal, feeling a gut wrenching depression and regret that is unbearable. I know I will never do those things again but need God’s help to get me back on my feet. I beg but feel No…

    1. Kat

      Ask the lord to move your focus from the fear that fills you to him! Ask him to replace your fear with faith! You have the power of god at work on your behalf who through him in him all things are possible! He is the living god who gives us grace in abundance! We have redemption and forgiveness according to the riches of his grace… pray to him seek his word and ask him to help you!

  17. Suzanne Hite

    I’m still struggling with this. I now know a lot of my doubts were based in having Scrupulosity or spiritually related OCD. I was made to feel like I was beyond all hope and for reasons hard to explain fort of tried to condemn myself/ spiritual suicide. I’ve suffered ever since feeling abandoned by God and unloved or forgiven. Even after being assured through prophetic word I’m saved. I hurt and just don’t know what else to do. I try to stand in faith and on His word but OCD is also called pathological doubt. I’m taking herbs and supplements to help treat it and still feeling lost. Help??? I can’t feel or sense Holy Spirit anymore. I long to hear Him and be comforted by Him.

    1. Kat

      As far as the east is from the west so our lord will remove and forgive our sins. If we repent confess all and walk in richeousness believe we have redemption according to the riches of his grace! Ask for grace and draw near to him…. gods grace is abundant and we are saved for an eternity by grace!

  18. cristy

    Hi, I feel lost again i lived in sin for long time, I feel the lord has left me completly for my unrepentence, I have not repented in a very very long time, Im alive but feel dead inside, It must be a result of sin in my life, What can i do to get back in the right relationship i had once before with god? I have been living in sin so i guess living with a person your not married too could cause this, I have been in a abusive relationship with an unbeliever as well for a long time, So i feel im being punished for that, could this be it? I really have no one else to talk too, I would really appreciate some kind of answer too this, Thank you

    1. J.V.

      Has anyone helped you, Christy? You do need a good bible believing church. Assembly of God churches are usually pretty solid. You do need to break off the living together arrangement, but you also need other believers to help support & pray for you & learn together.

    2. Kat

      If your right arm causes you to sin… cut it off.. not literally but your situation! Firstly if you’re in an abusive relationship please seek help and get out it took me ten years and sleeping on a friends floor with my children but u can do it! Seek god and ask for his help to remove you from your situation that’s causing you to sin and he will give you the strength to do it … gods grace and power is perfected in weekness!
      The more we know God the more we can grow in grace…. ask him to replace your fear with faith and fill you with his Holy Spirit he will meet you where you are for you have the power of god at work on your behalf! May the lord be with you x

  19. Esteban duenas

    Hebrews 12:4-11
    Helped me a lot when I slipped up. I can relate to everybody here, the Lord is rooting for you he wants to be with you but we must look to satisfy the spirit not the flesh because the flesh leads to destruction. We reap what we sow, so sow good seeds and shun evil. God bless

  20. Ben

    Hi Cristy. When we live in sin we do lose the presence of God in our lives, but there is reconciliation available through God’s forgiveness. What you must do to restore fellowship is (1) confess everything to God freely and specifically. (2) Find a mature Christian believer whom you can trust and tell them the same thing you confessed to God. (3) Get out of all sinful situations, including abusive and/or adulterous relationships. (4) Remember that the gospel is a story of redemption, including for sheep who walk away from the flock. Luke 15:11-32 (5) Don’t wait to have faith in Christ’s forgiveness until you feel forgiven. God loves you-His love doesn’t depend on your feelings. “No case is beyond redeeming” – Catherine Marshall

  21. Tonia

    First of all, I want to tell you that I follow several of these comment strings regarding forguveness on several sites. It’s a battle I have been in for a while. One thing I noticed today… comments on these discussions are lighting up all ove tThe internet. So be encouraged that this is a spiritual attack of the enemy. He wants us frightened and believing we can’t come to Jesus. Can I ask why you want to stay in a sinful Relationship if God loves you? For me, I had trouble trusting men, due to sexual trauma in childhood. The enemy had pinned the lies about being unloveable on me my entire life. It’s still a struggle but I’m learning to call out to Jesus when these attacks come. Understanding that our relationship…

  22. Tonia

    Cont….with God is very one sided. We will never be able to love Him as He loves us. We will never be worthy on our own. He is telling us, “Let me love you. Forget about breaking all the rules, forget about doing wrong towards me, I took car of that with my Son, just believe it’s all taken care of and come have a friendship and get to know me.” And if you are in that friendship and you betrayed God…go back to when you saw Him as merciful and loving. Zephaniah 3:11 says, “In that day you shall not be shamed for any of your deeds In which you transgress against Me; For then I
    will take away from your midst Those who
    rejoice in your pride, And you shall no
    longer be haughty In My holy mountain.”

  23. Kay

    Hello. I’ve been a Believe all my life. Even though I went to the world, the Lord allowed me to come back to His ways four years ago. I fell into adultery, and I was so worried that the Holy Spirit had left me. One day I was watching a video about proving Gods existences and when I finished watching I felt my conviction leave me. I’m struggling now…. I want to believe but I don’t know if I do or don’t. I feel empty. I just want that back. I want His love and I do t want to leave and deny Him and then have no salvation. But I feel so weary. I don’t know if I’m my heart I just don’t believe anymore. I want to… So bad. I want to believe again

    1. Kat

      Talk to the lord ask him to turn your fear into faith and fill you with the Holy Spirit read his word and pray daily for grace he will meet you where you are! Pray confess he will redeem you! God bless

  24. Sam


    I am really scared that I have been lost, I believe that jesus is the son of God and he died for our sins. But when I went to university, I fell into watching videos and looking at images online and I was unrepentant. I then started having blasphemous thoughts, which really scared me because I thought I had blasphemed the holy spirit and I told my mum these thoughts and looking back I feel so bad because I said them out loud to explain to her the type of thoughts I had been having. I am scared I have blasphemed the holy spirit. Recently, I have come to light of how grave what I have done is and I’m scared I am going to hell. I have said sorry to God and no longer do it but I am still scared and feel like I am destined to go to hell.

    1. Kat

      Confess to the lord repent ask for his forgiveness! Then read his word get to know him pray daily continually for grace and his Holy Spirit to help you. We are all sinners but are saved for an eternity by grace which god gives in abundance and we have redemption and forgiveness according to the riches of his grace! Get to know him by reading his words and he will meet you where you are ask him to turn your fear into faith ! He will remove you from your sins into the path of righteousness! Pray to him through Jesus Christ his son!

    2. Elijah

      The blasphemy of the pharisees was unforgivable because by rejecting the Holy Spirit, they were also rejecting Christ, and therefore their salvation.

      The reality of your situation is that you are human and are going to make mistakes repeatedly. The good news is that Christ died for all those mistakes, and God is infinitely merciful. Fear and condemnation does not come from God. But these are things that fuel legalistic thinking and behavior. Christ did not die so we could be bound to a set of rules and laws, but He died so that we could reconcile our relationship with the Father. Relationship is key. God loves you no matter what mistake you made, and He just wants to have a relationship with you.

  25. Joel Coffman

    I love Jesus and I do believe in his forgiveness,mercy and love that is never failing. 5 Years ago I fell off the deep end when accusations of my wife abusing my first born son,during a custody battle.Through this past five years I have lost everything including a happy home.I have fell into the devils deceivers of meth and drugs,and 3 months ago my wife’s son that I have had a privilege of raising since he was 4 just came out with the truth.Hes now 12 and has told me everything that my wife his mom was accused of was true.These past three months have been hell.I know that through all this there is forgiveness through Jesus and he has never left me or my family.I forgive my wife,but my son he feels I picked her and hates me


    I thank God for people like you Mr Tim, God Bless u abundantly continually, an i pray i turn back to God and find him, pray to him and see Him answering my prayers and turning my life around.

  27. X.F

    Hi, I don’t know if people read this thread anymore but I have a problem. I’ve made a lot of faithless mistakes and thoughts over the past couple of months but the anxiety and self doubt the LORD gave me to bring me to him have gone and so has my ability to love and I feel emptiness and calm inside when I search for repentance. I’m not depressed because I can still enjoy and live life and take interest but I think I’ll never be the same again. Before, I had, by God’s grace and Spirit, a good understanding of the Gospel and He patiently worked on me, but now I feel all the good work I’ve undone, and I have the knowledge of the truth and the logical want to come back but there’s nothing inside, and where is my anxiety and fear gone?


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