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  1. of course there is astrology in the bible you there are the 3 kings in the bible and they are astrolgers and they follow the night sky to know more astro things serarch astro gnostics on google and if you are going to follow the bible you must billive that jesus got married with mary magadaline and it is biblical it is mentioned in the bible and it is astral also to invstigate it watch the da vinci code read the holy blood and the holy grail watch the documentary called bloodline and look up alchemy and hermiticism these are good Christian stuff.

    1. Hardly. Jesus never told us to go look at the stars to determine the future, and neither did the apostles. The only passage in Scripture that directly mentions astrology is in Isaiah 47:13 where God said that the astrologers of Babylon would be destroyed. While the Bible supports astronomy, it has no words that support astrology.

      Also, I challenge you to find any passage of Scripture that says that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene. If you read our article on the Da Vinci Code, you will understand some of the errors in that book. Dan Brown has stated that it is fiction as many professors of history also have noted. The Bible tells us of God’s great love for us shown by Jesus coming to this earth to die for us and take away our sins. All who put their trust in Him will be saved. There is no other way to be saved (John 14:6). This is the good news, the gospel message. It has nothing to do with astrology, secret rites, or the marriage of Jesus to anyone other than His church.

      1. jesus said to judas look to your star in privet it is in the gospel of judas and the gospel of judas is biblical he mentions o judas do not let the rulers to control you jesus also mentions this in the 4 gospels right in the bible there are lots of evidence that jesus got married to mary magadaline gabril told to virgin mary before jesus was born he will have the throne of his father david then after that there is the wedding feast in cana and in Bethany mary magadaline anointed jesus with oil and cried on his foot and dried it with her hair and tuched his foot and it means this is a marriage ritual and after that history tells us in 45 AD the resurrected jesus went with mary magadaline to egyipt then mary magadaline gave birth to sarah this is in actual history because sarah is the saint of the early Egyptian church then mary magadline and jesus went to france they settled there jesus is the bridegroom and mary magadaline is the bride the bible also said husbands love your wives just like he loves the church and the church is the bride of Christ so mary magadaline is the human form of the church and in the book of revelation in the fainal chapter it said the bride of the lamb got reveald even in the gospels his apostles called jesus a rabbai and a rabbi will have to be married and jesus also teched about marriage you still think that he is not married let me ask this question to you if jesus was not married than why did he teach about marriage?

  2. Before I was a believer I was involved heavily in astrology. I actually stopped doing astrology before I was saved. Most people do not understand that astrology is actually a system which puts the person in a “profile box.” This is significant because the word says 2 Corinthians 3:18 NLT
    ‘So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the Lord. And the Lord–who is the Spirit–makes us more and more like him as we are changed into his glorious image.”
    What this means in day to day life is that one of the goals of God for the believer is to change them into His likeness. Astrology is fatalistic and deterministic. It will not allow you to change. What you are born with–your sign–with all the intracracies of the practice of astrology is about assigning you a personality with personality traits and then putting you in a prison that you have no choice at all with what happens in the future. It’s all based on what has already been pre-determined by your birth. I knew that couldn’t be part of God’s plan for me even before I understood salvation. People think this practice is all about worship of the stars but as I said it is very fatalistic. When we were on the mission field in SE Asia I could see how this was the basis for most if not all other pagan religions but especially Buddhism. I praise God He revealed to me that “SIN” determined my personality and my future, but God in and through Jesus Christ has allowed me the freedom and privilege to become like Him because I am now His child. I am eternally grateful as I look back on where I was, where I am now, and where I am going. I am definitely in a process of growing and “from glory to glory” I am being changed into HIS IMAGE NOT SIN’s IMAGE!!! Hallelujah Gg

    1. there is nothing wrong in astrology the wise men that came to jesus they are also astrolgers and jesus said to judas in privet look at your star jesus dose not chang is mind about any thing what he preaches is what he preaches and the early church has already accepted it.

  3. How sure are you that the magi were astrologers? What is the evidence? The word “magi” comes from the Greek word “magos.” The Oxford published Greek-English Lexicon (the standard for Classical Greek), defines the word as meaning (1) a person of the Median tribe, (2) an enchanter, wizard, especially in bad sense. Nothing is said about the word meaning an “astrologer.” So I ask for your evidence to support your assertion. Assertions do not make truth. The way to the Father is not through astrology, but through Jesus Christ, His Son who died on the cross to remove our sins and open up the way to heaven through faith in Him.

    1. the 3 wise men they are astrogers look at it this way in the mithratic mysteries zoroester knows that the 3 astrolgers visited a baby in the stable and zoroester also said this baby was born of a virgin and the 3 wise men comes from Persia they were astroglers and they looked to the star the star told them about a baby born in the stable and that same star led them in to Bethlehem because in that time people looks to the star for directions and in the gospel of judas jesus said to him in privet look to your star and the lord said betray me judas for you will sacrifice the man that clothes me judas did what the lord told him to do judas is his apostle he just carried out his orders because jesus is god he wants judas to betray himto die for the sins of the world.

      1. Do you have any evidence to support these claims? Am I supposed to believe these things simply because you say them or someone else says them. Or can you show me where Zoroester spoke about 3 astrolgers visiting a baby in a stable or that the writer of the gospel of Judas was Judas Iscariot. Irenaeus states in his first book “Against Heresies,” at Chapter 31, that a sect called the “Cainites”produced a fictitious work called the “Gospel of Judas.” The work that the National Geographic Society published in 2006 is dated to 220-340 A.D., long after the time of Christ and Thomas. I know of no evidence that would link the National Geographic Society’s publication back to Judas. It is not cited by any of the earlier writers of that time, except for Irenaeus, as noted above. So, I am merely asking whether you are referencing something else that may be truthful, or whether you have been taken in by this fictitious work?

        1. to know the bible there are mithratic elements in there like the son of man having eyes like fire and his tounge is like a dubble edge sowerd and jesus him self said I am the bread of life if you do not eat my body and if you do not drink my blood you will not live this is also mithratic element in the gospels and what zoroester reveald is the truth zoroester said the virgin will have a baby and the book of isiaah also said the virgin will have a baby . And the gospel of judas is a Christian gospel it dose not come from the cainintes at all it comes from he group of early Christians their sect are called sethians the orgins of the sethians comes from the son of adam called seth and then from seth david came then from david jesus came they worship jesus and they also billive that he is the son of god and god sent him to dilliver the people from the devil and from the angry judge that works for him. For the sethians jesus is the son of god and his respentive and the great seth also.

          1. The Sethians can hardly be called Christian. How do you define Christian? Is a Christian someone who believes that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and seeks to trust and follow Jesus? If so, the Sethians do not qualify.

            Just as Muslims today talk about Jesus, but are not Christians, and would never claim to be Christians, so the various gnostic groups practiced Gnosticism, not Christianity. The disciples of the Jesus of the Bible were first called Christians in Antioch (Acts 11:26). Those who are not disciples of Christ, such as the Gnostics, would not qualify as Christians.

            As for the authors of the Gospel of Judas, we were not there when it was written. The book itself does not say who wrote it. But one who lived at the time it was written said that the Cainites wrote it, as I previously cited to the passage in Irenaeus.

            I still am waiting to see if you have any reliable sources that support your assertions. Lies can appear as truth until they are exposed to the light of actual evidence.

          2. like I said the gospel of judas dose not come from the cainnites the gospel of judas also has the betrayal and arrest of jesus but jesus him self said to judas betray me for you will sacrifice the man that clothes me jesus said that same thing in the gospel of jhon in different words and that word is one of you will betray me so this means the orginal gospel of judas is called the gospel of jhon and the underground apostles of jhon they are called the mandeans the mandeans billives that jesus is the cosmical son of god and he died for the sins of the world and he rose again from the dead so this means the seprate gospel of judas is only fragmented the gospel of jhon is the orginal gospel of judas the truth is the apostle jhon wrote the gospel of judas so this means the gospel of judas is another name for the gospel of jhon.

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