Emory Rowland’s Testimony

A Christian testimony of how the love of Jesus Christ captured a man’s heart.

As I browsed around, I happened upon an interesting site . . . called Clickfire. I’m still not 100% sure what it’s all about, but I’m enjoying my exploration. It appears to be a combination of webmaster tutorials (php, html, css), webhost reviews (what about Parcom?), free website tools . . . and, most importantly, it includes an amazing Christian testimony from Emory.

He gave me permission to post his testimony on truthsaves, so if you have a few minutes, you can read it here.

One thought on “Emory Rowland’s Testimony”

  1. Anyone who sets theit life straight with our Lord instead of running away to this cynical world-deserves an applause. Confusion, pain, anger, even just a numb feeling…or a challenge at that age of what is popular…all need to be taught that Jesus is the way, truth and life…therefore very popular…and all should hop aboard with you! Make sure you stick with friends who are strong in that faith-therefore you can be yoked as Jesus talks about-if you are with a non-believer who you go to for help, or love, that is no yoked-that is you leaning against one who does not have the strength of Christ. Same goes for having one needing to constantly lean on you-when they aren’t into Jesus-you need friends strong in faith to refresh that faith…which keeps you focused and ready for anything to come-as long as you have Jesus-you are strong! God Bless you…Finding Him saved my life!
    God Bless you!

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