A New Christian Testimony

Natacha sent in her testimony about three years ago. That’s how far behind I am. Really. But here it is.

It’s a unique story. It covers quite a bit of ground. It strikes me that we don’t hear of her conversion. We just hear, at the end, what she believes. Surely there was a moment when God changed her, but unfortunately it’s not included in the testimony.

But we do know, from reading the end, that Natacha understands that the only way to fulfillment is through Jesus Christ. And that is the whole point. Only He provides meaning. Only He gives us a legitimate reason to live.

Natacha’s Christian Testimony 

2 thoughts on “A New Christian Testimony”

  1. My name is Gina I’m 22yrs old and was raised By my grandma I grew up going to church on sundays and was raised as Christian I always felt like I was there in church but never present or listening really listening to the word of god all these years recently going threw troubles from living in sin deep troubles please keep me in prayer as I seek salvation in jesus name

    1. Hi Gina you will be in my prayers, the best suggestion for you is to pray, trust, believe & study Gods word. His promises brings assurance & peace.

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