God’s Silence

Some say that God has been silent for periods of time in history. Find out what we think.

Some will tell you that God has been completely silent for periods of time. Some say that God was utterly silent during the 400 years between the time of Malachi, the last Old Testament prophet, and the time of Jesus. Others say that God may have been silent during the 400 years that Israel was in Egypt.

We don’t believe God has ever been silent. Find out why.

God’s Silence

Does God Harden Hearts?

In what sense and why does a God of love harden hearts?

Why in the world would God harden someone’s heart? Why did He harden Pharoah’s heart (you know, back when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt)? How could a God of love possibly do such a thing? If you’ve ever wondered about that, then you’ll enjoy the insight this article provides.

Why Does a God of Love Harden Hearts?