Did God Harden Pharoah’s Heart?

Did God harden Pharoah’s heart? And if He did, how is that fair?

It seems sort of unfair that God would harden Pharoah’s heart. The poor guy didn’t have a chance. If God pre-plans everything and he pre-planned Pharaoh to be evil, how is that fair? I suppose a better question would be . . .

Did God Harden Pharoah’s Heart?

Does God Harden Hearts?

In what sense and why does a God of love harden hearts?

Why in the world would God harden someone’s heart? Why did He harden Pharoah’s heart (you know, back when the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt)? How could a God of love possibly do such a thing? If you’ve ever wondered about that, then you’ll enjoy the insight this article provides.

Why Does a God of Love Harden Hearts?