The Dusty Old Book

A poem that speaks of the wonders of God’s Word. Is it gathering dust on your shelf?

It’s easy to let our Bible sit on the shelf and gather dust. I’ve been guilty of it.

But God’s Word contains life; it contains the message that God has for you and me. It tells of creation, the reason for living and the end of things.

Take some time to read it today and every day.

The Dusty Old Book (a poem by Belinda)

New Testimony! Thrown in Jail (again) for Preaching!

Thrown in jail (again) for preaching the Gospel. A Christian testimony of boldness in the face of adversity.

Boldly sharing God’s Word wherever we go isn’t always easy. But when we do our part, God can work mighty miracles! Check out this story of my friend Henry; he continues preaching even when under fire, and God uses him in awesome ways.

Check out Henry’s testimony here.