Michael’s Personal Testimony

Why can’t my life be like theirs?

Michael spent a lot of years in the Navy fighting, drinking, doing drugs . . . and Christians were the most annoying people to him. He constantly persecuted the Christians on board his ship, ridiculing them and calling them names. But like Nicodemus coming to Jesus in secret, Michael wanted to know what made these Christians tick. And, like Nicodemus, he wanted what they had. Click the link below to read Michael’s personal testimony.

Michael’s Personal Christian Testimony

Ralph’s Story of God’s Goodness

Ralph’s testimony of God’s goodness. He went from sheriff, to marine, to Navy corpsman, to finding peace in Jesus.

I’ve never seen death. I’ve barely experienced it in my life. Ralph saw death regularly. He became hardened to it. As a police officer and member of our armed forces, he experienced all sorts of things I only see in movies.

Read Ralph’s story:

From Marine, to Sheriff, to Navy Corpsman, to Christ-follower.

Check out Ralph’s website here.