Michael’s Personal Testimony

Why can’t my life be like theirs?

Michael spent a lot of years in the Navy fighting, drinking, doing drugs . . . and Christians were the most annoying people to him. He constantly persecuted the Christians on board his ship, ridiculing them and calling them names. But like Nicodemus coming to Jesus in secret, Michael wanted to know what made these Christians tick. And, like Nicodemus, he wanted what they had. Click the link below to read Michael’s personal testimony.

Michael’s Personal Christian Testimony

James Hogancamp Personal Testimony

James’ personal testimony will amaze you. Find out how his life was transformed by the Jesus of the Bible.

This testimony will make you think, “No way. This can’t be true.” Finish reading it—maybe you’ll be convinced of its veracity. Here’s a short excerpt:

I had my own body shop and all the drugs I wanted and I thought life was going really good. I began selling heroin, cocaine, meth, and weed by the pounds. Again much partying led to more trouble with the law and I finally had to sign the shop back over to the man I was buying it from. I went to Missouri, Tennessee, and Mississippi causing trouble. In Mississippi, I was living on a house boat and I got involved in killing two people over drugs. Not willing to face these charges, I began to run again.

James Hogancamp Personal Testimony