Pedophile “How-To” for Sale at Amazon

The Pedophile’s Guide to Love & Pleasure—currently for sale on Amazon. I’m calling for a permanent boycott of Amazon.

Amazon has decided to sell a “how-to” guide for pedophiles. Huh?

It’s time to boycott Amazon. I, for one, will not buy anything from them—ever again. Some are saying they won’t buy from them until they remove the item from their shelves. But I don’t think my money should be going to any person or company that thinks it’s OK to sell books that teach people how to perform lewd and illegal acts with children.

Here’s an excerpt from the book (entitled A Pedophile’s Guide to Love & Pleasure).

When precautions are needed, however, standard condoms go a long way.

Unfortunately, they are much too big to fit boys under thirteen. Luckily, there is a product that is identical to the adult condom, in almost every way, that will do the trick.

Latex, finger coits, intended to protect finger cuts from becoming infected, can provide the same level of protection as the adult latex sheath. They come in three sizes, small, medium and large, one of which is sure to fit any child under thirteen.

It goes on to tell wanna-be pedophiles to post clothed pictures of children on the wall that they either want to be with or have been with and to masturbate to those pictures. The book warns that nude pictures of children could result in the pedophile getting arrested.

Amazon says in its content guidelines that it reserves the right to make judgments about whether or not content is appropriate. So, Amazon, you’re telling me this content is appropriate? A guide on how to commit disgusting, illegal acts with innocent children is appropriate in your eyes? Really?

Not only that, Amazon says the following about offensive material. “What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect.” Um, Amazon, this is not what I would expect and it’s not what other Christians would expect and frankly, I don’t believe it’s what most Americans would expect. I would expect that most Americans would find your support of this joke of a book extremely offensive.

Here’s Amazon’s official statement. “Amazon believes it is censorship not to sell certain books simply because we or others believe their message is objectionable. Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts, however, we do support the right of every individual to make their own purchasing decisions.”

Amazon is still selling a book entitled Understanding Loved Boys and Boylovers. You can pre-order a book entitled I Am the Market: How to Smuggle Cocaine by the Ton, in Five Easy Lessons by Luca Rastello. In 2009, Amazon sold a game called Rapelay in which the player hunts down and rapes a mother and her daughters.

Amazon, you’ve lost my business—forever—and I’m calling on all others with any sense of decency to participate in a permanent boycott of Amazon.