Sinners or Saints?

As Christians, should we think of ourselves as sinners? Or should we consider ourselves holy, blameless saints?

Sometimes you’ll hear a Christian say something like, “We’re all just a bunch of sinners.” I suppose one could consider it semantics, but we believe that viewing ourselves as “holy” and “blameless” and “set apart” is an integral part of conforming our minds to that image.

Here’s something else to consider. How does God view Christ-followers? Does the Bible really address it?

Tim tries to set out our view in the following article:

Sinners or Saints

William’s Christian Testimony

William shares his life’s grief and how God pulled him through the fire. His testimony is inspiring.

Sometimes God’s saints are tested. Just because we’re Christ-followers doesn’t mean our lives will be all peaches and cream.

William spent some time in Iraq. While he served our country, his wife went crazy and left him. She started sleeping around and wreaked some serious havoc on his life and the lives of his children.

Many men would have given up but William continued to trust God. Read his amazing story and be encouraged.

William’s Christian Testimony