Mercy Me

A poem about a choice we all have: give in to temptation or resist and live a Spirit-filled life!

Another inspirational poem by Robbie.

It’s easy to give in to temptation and the lures of the world. Sin calls to us daily. But we always have an option. We can give in to sin, which leads to misery, or we can give in to the Spirit and live a life of fulfillment and hope.

Mercy Me

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A Lesson from a Tree – A Christian Poem

This amazing Christian poem moved my heart.

Once again we have received a new poem . . . and once again Tim submitted it! As the site administrator, I’ve decided to publish it. Since we only accept high quality written work, Tim should feel very honored that this poem has been accepted as worthy of publication on truthsaves. O.K., I’m just messing around, obviously. I welcome Tim’s submissions and I’d welcome yours as well! Have you ever written a poem you want to share? Do you have a testimony you’d like to share? Do you have an article or lesson plan you feel people would benefit from? Submit it to us! We want it . . . so we can share it with the world. The site got almost 10,000 unique visitors in January, so traffic continues to increase. If you submit something to us, people will definitely read it.

Anyway, I’ll quit rambling.

Read Tim’s new poem here. It’s called “A Lesson From A Tree.”