What Do the Jews Think about Jesus?

I haven’t posted here for a long time. To say that I miss Tim would be an understatement. My life has changed significantly since he’s been gone. I find it difficult to stay motivated. Tonight I felt strongly that I needed to get to work on the site again. So here goes. Here’s an article that Tim wrote a little over a year ago. I have many more.

Folks are also submitting poems and testimonies weekly. I’m so back-logged at this point that I really have no idea how I’ll ever catch up. I really don’t think I will. But anyway, here you go. Another article from Tim.

What Do the Jews Believe About Jesus?

One thought on “What Do the Jews Think about Jesus?”

  1. Thanks for this, Eric. Someday, we’ll see Romans 11 fulfilled. Glad you’re posting Tim’s and others’ articles and poems again. God bless.

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