Choices, Choices and More Choices

Every minute of every day, we are faced with choices. Have you ever really thought about that? You choose the words you say throughout the day. You choose the foods you eat. You choose what you focus on. You choose whether or not to pray. You choose who to speak to. You choose how fast to drive. You choose to read God’s Word (or not). You choose to play video games, watch TV, spend time with your kids, pet the cat, curse or bless . . . Right now I’m choosing the words I type and I’m choosing to stay up too late. Earlier I chose to swim. Then I chose to snuggle with my daughter. We constantly make choices. Are they the right ones?

Life Is About the Choices We Make

Cancer Isn’t Too Big for God

I have so many testimonies in queue it isn’t even funny. 100? More? They’re just sitting in my inbox, waiting for me to take action. I have testimonies, poems, articles from Tim (wow, I really miss Tim) . . . but as a teacher, husband and father with business ventures on the side as well, working on the site just hasn’t been on my priority list. I hope to make it a priority in 2017.

If you’ve sent in a poem or a testimony, well, I can’t tell you when I’ll get to it. But I’m really hoping to start doing God’s work (with truthsaves) again. It’s important for us to to carry out the Great Commission, whenever we have a chance. I have a chance and it’s time for me to start doing it.

Here’s Jikky’s story. His mom had cancer. The doctors said, “Sorry, it’s too late. Just try to make her comfortable.” Well, just like weather forecasters, sometimes doctors get it wrong. Isn’t it good to know that God’s in control?

Jikky’s Christian Testimony

Vanessa’s Story of God’s Grace

It’s easy to forget (at least for me) how easy we have it sometimes. My life, although I’ve had some difficulties, has been pretty much cake. I have a good job, a healthy family, every possession I could possibly want (well, not everything!), a thriving church community and unbelievable, supportive friends. My kids have it pretty easy too. They’re healthy, have a good school, a supportive family, lots of play time, lots of toys, plenty of food . . .

Not everyone has it so easy. Vanessa certainly didn’t. From a young age she was rejected and abused. In her testimony she describes how she survived her childhood and teenage years and how Christ sought her out and gave her a new hope and a new life.

Amazing. Beautiful. Inspiring.

Vanessa’s Christian Testimony

I’ve Sinned Against My Wife

Not too long ago (OK, it was a long time ago), a site reader sent in a question. The short version of the question went something like this.

I’ve sinned against my wife when we were going through a rough patch. I admitted it to her now she won’t talk to me. What can I do to regain her love and trust?

Tim, when he was still alive, penned a thoughtful and detailed answer. Click the link to check it out.

Will My Wife Ever Forgive Me?

A Christmas Poem From Mark

I gotta say, I really appreciate what God has given me. Pastor Paul gave me a task a few days ago — to write down what God has done in my life. Once I started working on the list, I realized I could write forever so I tried to synthesize the many blessings into larger, more overarching ones. One of those overarching blessings in my life is my friends.

The friends God has given me have saved my life, coached me, directed me, prayed for me, encouraged me, supported me financially, taught me . . . I could go on but you get the idea. One such friend is Mark. You know, the guy who wrote so many poems for this site. I met him this morning for coffee and he really encouraged me. He reminded me that Christ is our end goal. He reminded me to keep my eyes on Him. Forget the world. Forget worrying. Forget theological debates. Focus on the prize — Jesus Christ.

For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
1 Corinthians 2:2 NKJV

Anyway, Mark also sent me this poem recently . . . read it and be blessed!

By A Child Reconciled

A Prince Among Men

Thank you Mark for this tribute to Tim, the greatest man I have ever known.

For those of you who don’t know, Tim is the author of the majority of the articles on this site (including a large variety of poems). He passed away last December and for those of us who knew him, he is truly missed.

A Prince Among Men

I’m Afraid I’ve Committed Blasphemy

We’ve heard this question (or variants of it) a lot. Folks think they’ve committed the unpardonable sin and they’re afraid that God will never forgive them. Or they’ve committed deliberate sins and feel that they are beyond God’s mercy. We have one thing to say–stop believing Satan’s lies and trust in the promises explicitly stated in God’s Word.

I Think I’ve Committed Blasphemy – Can I Be Forgiven?

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