Paul Holway’s Christian Testimony – He Took a Life and God Gave Him One

This testimony rocked my world. I didn’t know what to think for a while. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized our God does work this way.

Humans have a difficult time forgiving, but our God always forgives us when we confess our sin, repent and forsake our sin. He is a God of mercy.

Lisa’s Story

I witnessed how my mother suffered in every situation. But the worst thing my father did was sexually abuse me several times. Since then I became quiet and I never told anyone because I felt better if no one knew. And I kept asking myself how a heartless father could do this to his child. He was supposed to protect me but I felt like he was killing me softly.

 Lisa’s Christian Testimony – From Abuse to Freedom

A New Christian Testimony

Natacha sent in her testimony about three years ago. That’s how far behind I am. Really. But here it is.

It’s a unique story. It covers quite a bit of ground. It strikes me that we don’t hear of her conversion. We just hear, at the end, what she believes. Surely there was a moment when God changed her, but unfortunately it’s not included in the testimony.

But we do know, from reading the end, that Natacha understands that the only way to fulfillment is through Jesus Christ. And that is the whole point. Only He provides meaning. Only He gives us a legitimate reason to live.

Natacha’s Christian Testimony 

Christian Testimonies

We’ve posted fifty Christian testimonies on our site and we’re looking for more. Submit your testimony for publication.

We’ve posted fifty spellbinding Christian testimonies on! It’s amazing watching God change lives.

Tonight I pray that God will place it on your heart to share your story. I pray that God will send us fifty more testimonies! As fast as they come in, I’ll post them on the site.

If you’re considering sending us your testimony, check out my squidoo page for some tips on writing an effective testimony.

If God places it on your heart to share your story, then clear away the excuses and write! Some possible (lame) excuses follow:

  • My writing skills suck!
  • My testimony’s not really a testimony. It’s just a boring story.
  • I’m low on time. I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • I don’t know where to start.

I’ve heard all these extremely lame excuses many times before. I would respond to these excuses as follows:

  • Your writing skills may suck, but we have a some good editors here.
  • Your story is an effective testimony. Hurting people are out there, right now, looking for someone, anyone – they can relate to. Your story could be the one to lead them into a living relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.
  • Come on. Everyone’s low on time. You find time for your priorities; this should be one of them.
  • Just start. Begin writing. You’ll find your flow.

We’re waiting. God’s waiting. People heading to hell are waiting. What are you waiting for?