Outline of Ezekiel (including dates)

An outline and overview of the Old Testament book of Ezekiel.

We’ve finally posted another outline. We’re sorry that things have been moving slowly. I hope to accomplish a lot with the site in the next few days. I have a number of outlines and testimonies I’d like to post. We still want more testimonies and articles and we’d love to hear from you.

Besides the image of God’s glory, there are images of sieges, of an outcast vine, of divine love, of sexual promiscuity, of a cooking pot, of shepherds, of dry bones that gain flesh and live, of a new temple, and of future blessings. Jesus undoubtedly has in mind Ezekiel 34 when He spoke of being the Good Shepherd in John 10. Ezekiel gives us visions of God and visions of Satan, visions of destruction and visions of hope, extended imagery of patience and stupidity, and promises of a new covenant and a new time of peace.

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