A moving Christian poem about the life of Jesus Christ.

When I check my email, and see a poem submission from Tim, I get excited.

Tim has a way of putting words on paper that create a vivid mental picture.

Glory paints a picture of the life of Jesus. He came from heaven, from a position of ultimate power, to live a life of suffering and servitude as a man. He never complained; He never sinned; He lived and died for a civilization that treated Him as an outsider.

Check out Tim’s latest poem:


Departed for Glory

A poem about death – from the perspective of a Christian.

Death. When it strikes, we grieve.

But for Christians, rejoicing goes hand in hand with death. Why? Because Jesus has conquered death and we have nothing to fear – only something to look forward to.

This poem helps us see both sides.

Read Departed for Glory.

Two New Christian Poems

Two poems about Jesus Christ and the hope He has supplied to the world.

Here at truthsaves we love poems that glorify Jesus Christ. Recently we’ve received two excellent submissions. One is written by Joe Breunig, author of Reaching Toward His Unbounded Glory (, and it’s about the truth revealed in Biblical archaeology.

Read Prism to Our Past here.

The other is a powerful poem by Scot Crone revealing the hope Jesus Christ graciously supplies to all those who trust in Him. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done or where we are in life – God waits for us. His mercies are new every morning.

Read Sunday’s Coming here.