Bullies Molding

People can make us feel like crap. Fortunately, God always accepts us for who we are. A poem about being a child of God.

People have a tendency to be cruel. People can make us feel like we’re nobody. People can ridicule us, tease us, bully us, walk all over us . . . but we have someone who always sees us for who we really are—Jesus Christ. He loves us and He shows no partiality. Rachel’s poem reminds us that it’s only God’s view of us that really matters.

Bullies Molding

Sarah’s Christian Testimony

Sarah partied, did drugs, broke the law . . . until the Jesus of the Bible changed her life forever.

Sarah lived for herself for a time. She partied, did drugs, broke the law—until she met someone who changed her life forever—Jesus Christ.

Sarah’s Christian Testimony

Nishi’s Christian Testimony

Born and raised a Hindu in an abusive household and school system, Nishi still found her way to Jesus.

Nishi was raised a Hindu. Her mom treated her abusively. She suffered at the hands of her teachers. I don’t want to say too much more for fear I’ll spoil the story. Read about Nishi’s epic spiritual battle and how Jesus Christ rescued her.

Nishi’s Christian Testimony

Willie’s Christian Testimony

From a hard-core drug dealer to a dedicated follower of the Jesus of the Bible.

Here’s yet another testimony describing the amazing love and mercy of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Willie was a hard-core drug dealer. But God was after him and Willie knew it. Read Willie’s story of redemption and know that God can use anyone for His glory, no matter their past.

Willie’s Christian Testimony

Yet Another Baptism Article

Some organizations teach that the act of baptism is what brings about salvation. We disagree.

Some organizations (like the Church of Christ) teach that baptism saves. They teach that we are not saved by faith. We are saved by baptism. They take it one step further. Say for example that I’m a Christian and I believe that I’m saved by grace, through faith. I’ve followed Scripture’s example and I’ve been baptized. Am I saved? Not according to the Church of Christ. I’m still damned, because I don’t believe that baptism saves. So even though I’ve repented of my sins, believe that Jesus Christ came to earth and died to save me from sin and death and have been baptized, I’m still not saved. Why? Because I don’t believe that the act of baptism is what brought about my salvation.

The following article further explains our translation of the preposition Greek preposition “eis” and reiterates that we’re saved through faith in the Jesus of the Bible.

Saved by Baptism or Faith?

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

Christmas. Did it stem from a pagan holiday or is it really the birthday of Jesus Christ?

Did Christmas stem from a pagan holiday? Is it true that the Roman Catholics earmarked that day for use as Christ’s birthday to eradicate a pagan holiday already being celebrated on that day? Was Jesus Christ really born on December 25? Does it even matter what day Jesus was really born? Should we celebrate Christmas? These are questions I’ve heard asked about a million times. Here’s our opinion.

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

The Jews—Still God’s People?

Weren’t all the promises of God to the Jews fulfilled at the cross? Why then do people still refer to them as “God’s People?”

So many people talk about the Jews as being “God’s people” and about all the things He’s yet going to do for them. After the cross, all one has to do to become part of God’s family is have faith in Jesus Christ. So why would God give the Jews any special consideration? Weren’t all His promises to the Jews fulfilled at the cross?

The Jews – Still God’s People?

Joseph’s Christian Testimony

Joseph’s life was transformed by many miraculous workings of our great God & Savior – Jesus Christ.

I recently met Joseph (through the website) and his is truly a life transformed by the miraculous workings of the Jesus of the Bible. Praise God for his story and for his willingness to share the truth of our Lord and Savior – Jesus Christ. Take some time to check out his website – Serious Things.

Joseph’s Testimony

Salvation – A Christian Poem

Salvation is offered freely to all. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. God is waiting to transform your life. A poem.

Mike sends in poems once in a while and I don’t post them for about 10 years. So, I’m happy that he continues to send in poems even though I’m so slow at getting them up.

This one, Salvation, really hit home with me. I have already obtained salvation, by the grace of Jesus Christ, but there is still internal strife that needs to be overcome. Sin still crops up. Satan still battles for my soul. Transformation is still necessary for me to grow into the person Jesus wants me to be.