Talitha Cumi

Talitha Cumi – What does it mean?

Here’s an interesting one for you. A site viewer asked us whether or not the words “talitha cumi” in Mark 5:41 might be a heavenly language. I’m not sure the motivation behind the question, but, if it were indeed a heavenly language, it could provide support for the idea that Jesus spoke in tongues.

See what Tim thinks about this subject.

Timothy Outline & Titus Outline

I’ve recently added two New Testament outlines at https://truthsaves.org/outlines/

The two at the bottom of the New Testament page are the new ones – 2 Timothy and Titus. Most of the other New Testament outlines will be coming soon.

I’ve also added an article called How Jesus Fits in the Trinity. It was born out of a question sent in by a site viewer. It discusses a variety of questions, such as:

  • Should Jesus be worshiped?
  • Was Jesus created?