Finance — A Poem

Mike’s sent us yet another poem (thank you, Sir!) and it packs a punch. It’s about giving. And greed. And selfishness. How willing are you, really, to give all that God wants you to give? Do you give because you feel you’re required to? Do you have faith that God will provide if you give generously?


How Important Is it to Ask God for Forgiveness?

What if a Christian sins and then dies before they confess their sin and ask God for forgiveness? Will they still make it to heaven?

We are convinced that a Christian will still go to heaven, even if they sin and then suddenly die (say in a car wreck). Our salvation is based on faith in the Jesus of the Bible, not on a set of prescribed regulations.

Can a Christian Die in Sin and Still Go to Heaven?

Ida’s Story of God’s Grace

Ida wrote in to tell us her story of God’s grace and mercy in her life. It’s not a conversion testimony, but it is a testimony (as far as I’m concerned). It’s a story that reminds us to be in continual communication with God — to ask Him to help us with everything. Too often we forget that He cares and we struggle through our days on our own. He’s there for us. He’s there for you.

Ida’s Christian Testimony

The Unpardonable Sin Question

How many times have we heard this question, just worded in different ways? Have I committed the unpardonable sin? What is the unpardonable sin? I’m afraid I may have committed the unforgivable sin! Can I be forgiven for what I’ve done? The answer is yes! You can be. It is never too late. In fact, we like to say that if you think you’ve committed the unpardonable sin, then it’s highly likely that you haven’t.

Matthew 12:32 – Is the Word “Speaks” in the Aorist Tense?

Enhance Your Bible Study

A reader recently asked us, “What is the best way to study the Bible?”

There are many methods given by people for studying the Scriptures. I am not sure there is one best way to study the Bible. Entire books are devoted to the question. But for me, more important than any “technique” on studying Scripture is the preparation. I provide the following five matters to consider as foundational for studying Scripture.

The Best Way to Study the Bible

My Wife Doesn’t Love Me Anymore!

What does one do if one’s spouse begins to act in hateful, unloving ways?

Sometimes, we are so afraid of losing someone that we tread on pins and needles in our own house. We should fear God and understand that if someone deserts us, though painful and life-changing, such is not the end of life. Our God never abandons us and He will care for His own.

My Wife No Longer Loves Me

Sorry for the Delay in Posts . . .

I want to make a commitment to our readers to begin posting material on a more regular basis. I’m behind (literally a year or two behind) in posting submissions (articles, testimonies, poems). I’m trying to start keeping up with our current batch of submissions while digging into the archives and posting old submissions as well.

Recently my computer was in the shop so I didn’t post anything for quite some time. Hopefully I will keep up on things now.

In His service,


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