Tim Binder Passed Away

Sorry for the blunt title, but I didn’t know how else to say it. Tim has passed away. No more will we be getting the detailed, intricately woven tapestry of biblical logic we’re used to reading. I found Tim in his house on Friday, December 5, 2014, kneeling by his bed. His arm was outstretched, as if in supplication to God. I can’t help but think he was praying for us as he always did. I feel like a child without a dad. Alone and afraid.

But that’s not what Tim wanted. He wanted us to be confident in the risen Jesus Christ. So take heed to the words of Tim’s poem and remember that even though Tim’s body has failed, Christ remains with us. And we will see Tim again in glory someday.

No, not really.
While I am gone
Christ always is with thee.

And though you will grieve
And weep and mourn,
Christ grieves with you;
His heart is torn.

Have faith,
Yes, most truly
Trust in God,
And you shall come to me.

In glory, oh Jesus!
Amazing indeed!
He’s more wonderful than
What we ever believed.

For now, we grieve and despair in our great loss. But we remain firm in our hope. We have Jesus, who is closer than a brother. His Spirit will guide us. It’s time to take hold of the reins and do what we’ve been created to do — know and love Jesus — our risen savior.

If you knew Tim and were touched by him, feel free to comment on his memorial page at the following link.

Tim’s Memorial Page–He Walked with God

Todd & Lynn’s Journey to Faith

I remember the long, slow walk to the elevator, and to the car. Not a word was spoken between my wife and I. Just before we got to the car I stopped. My wife looked at me and I said, “Well, you wanted babies. I guess we are having three!” My wife gave me a big hug, as if it was my decision to make. For some odd reason all I could think about is how selfish I would have been pointing to the monitor and saying, “Okay Doc, we’ll pick these two and you make this one go away.”

I did talk to God and the thought entered my mind, “This is not your decision to make; you make the wrong decision and I can take them all away.”

Todd & Lynn’s Journey to Faith

Saved By Jesus from Loneliness and Fear

For years, decades, before I became a born again Christian, loneliness was my best friend. As the old saying goes, “with friends like this, you don’t need enemies.” Even when I was a sophomore in college, I had to admit that I was isolated from my fellow human beings. I took a course in adolescent psychology with Dr. Elizabeth Hurlock, who, in one lecture, described “the star isolate.” This type of personality might be someone who is popular, who excels, who has friends, and is generally gregarious; yet, he or she at a deep psychological level is isolated from other human beings. A similar problem was noted in Sylvia Plath’s book The Bell Jar. Sylvia was herself a poet who experienced a sense of isolation and intense torments of loneliness even though she was married. Eventually, she committed suicide.

Saved By Jesus From Dismal Loneliness and Fear

Finance — A Poem

Mike’s sent us yet another poem (thank you, Sir!) and it packs a punch. It’s about giving. And greed. And selfishness. How willing are you, really, to give all that God wants you to give? Do you give because you feel you’re required to? Do you have faith that God will provide if you give generously?


How Important Is it to Ask God for Forgiveness?

What if a Christian sins and then dies before they confess their sin and ask God for forgiveness? Will they still make it to heaven?

We are convinced that a Christian will still go to heaven, even if they sin and then suddenly die (say in a car wreck). Our salvation is based on faith in the Jesus of the Bible, not on a set of prescribed regulations.

Can a Christian Die in Sin and Still Go to Heaven?

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