Christians Are Fake

A site reader says that he’s met a lot of nasty, bigoted people who call themselves “Christians” who can quote Scripture. Well, we agree that there are a lot of people out there like that. Conversely, there are many nasty, bigoted people out there who hate Christ with a passion. Some of the people who claim the title of “Christian” don’t really follow Christ. Others do. We cannot judge Christianity based on the actions of sinful people.

Christians Are Bigoted People

Standing Up Against False Teachers

We had a very zealous reader write us and tell us that Calvinism was wrong. And he felt strongly that he should be standing up and fighting this distortion of the truth. We agree that standing up against false teachers is important. But if errant theology a false teacher makes, then we’re all false teachers–none of has our theology perfectly straight. Check out our latest article addressing the issue of how to deal with other Christians when our theology differs from theirs.

False Teachers–Calvinists Don’t Get It!

The Rapture – Amillennialism, Post-millennialism, or Pre-millennialism?

Does the amillennialist, post-millennialist, or pre-millennialist view fit most closely with Scripture?

Tim must like this topic. This is the fourth article he’s written on it.

Which view fits best with Scripture? The amillennialist view? The post-millennialist view? Or should we go with the pre-millennialist view?

Find out what Tim thinks by checking out his latest article.

The Rapture – Amillennialism, Post-millennialism, or Pre-millennialism?