Atonement for Sin

God provides atonement for sin for His people. In the Old Testament, it seems that atonement was provided via the shedding of animal blood. But some intentional sins were not covered by the shedding of animal blood. So how were intentional sins then forgiven in the Old Testament? And now, how is our atonement provided today? If blood was only shed for intentional sins, why did Jesus die for all our sins?

How Does God Provide Atonement for Sin?

Errors in Truth Should be Corrected!

Error in the church. We see it, but do we do anything about it? Do we even care about the truth anymore? There are so many different theologies out there but we seem to just accept them all and co-exist with them. When are we going to become like Paul and start rebuking those who twist the truth or are deceived by false teachings?

Correcting Error in the Truth