B’s Testimony

Read B’s Christian testimony of God’s mercy and love.

God has a way of chasing us down. He pushes and pulls and draws us gently (or not so gently) toward Himself. As people with free will, we can resist, but why would we?

Yet we do.

B avoided God for years, but eventually answered His call.

Will you avoid Him? And for how long? He’s calling.

Read B’s testimony of God’s grace here.

A Finished Course – A Poetic Response to 2 Timothy

A poem describing Timothy’s feelings for Paul.

When I first read this poem, I thought it described a father – from a son’s viewpoint. But when I contacted the author (our own dear Tim), I found out it he intended it to be a poetic representation of Timothy’s feelings toward Paul. So, we could say that it does very nearly describe a father / son relationship as Paul calls Timothy, “my beloved son.”

Enjoy reading A Finished Course.

Emory Rowland’s Testimony

A Christian testimony of how the love of Jesus Christ captured a man’s heart.

As I browsed around, I happened upon an interesting site . . . called Clickfire. I’m still not 100% sure what it’s all about, but I’m enjoying my exploration. It appears to be a combination of webmaster tutorials (php, html, css), webhost reviews (what about Parcom?), free website tools . . . and, most importantly, it includes an amazing Christian testimony from Emory.

He gave me permission to post his testimony on truthsaves, so if you have a few minutes, you can read it here.

Focus on Jesus

Keep your focus always and 100% on Jesus.

Bible study. Choir. Music. Sunday School. “Christian” activities often overshadow our relationship with God. Busyness trumps our relationship with the God of the Bible.

If the relationship is dead, the rest is meaningless.

Read our article entitled Focus on Jesus here.

What Christmas Means to Me

A Christian poem about the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus Christ.

Christmas. It’s almost here. We can focus on spending all our hard earned money in order to go deeply into debt so we can enjoy fighting an uphill battle to re-balance our finances for 2009, or we can focus on the real meaning of the season – Jesus Christ.

I choose the latter.

Tim’s written a poem describing a man with just this kind of focus – a man dedicated to knowing and finding His savior.

It’s called What Christmas Means to Me.

Lakendra’s Christian Testimony

Lakendra’s Christian testimony.

Meeting God’s high standards for holiness seems impossible. But thankfully, He doesn’t expect perfection. If He did, I’d definitely be struck by lightning.

Read Lakendra’s story of realization – that God loves her no matter what.

Check her story out here.

Drugs, Jail, Hepatitis C, and Hopelessness

An anonymous Christian testimony of the hope that Jesus gives to undeserving people.

You know what makes me happy? My God’s not picky. Otherwise, I’d still be hitting the bong and slamming cases of Lucky Lager. He forgave me. He picked me up out of the muck and set me on solid ground. If I were Him (thankfully I’m not) I wouldn’t want people like me.

This anonymous testimony recently sent in to us reinforces this point. This guy lived for drugs. He hated people. He robbed people. He lied. He slept around. He really didn’t deserve forgiveness (think about it – none of us do).

But like I said, my God’s not picky.

Read this testimony of God’s amazing grace and unending forgiveness.

Autumn Commemoration – A Poem

A Christian poem commemorating Autumn and the death and resurrection of our Lord.

When Autumn arrives, when leaves fall and bitter cold begins to wipe out vibrant life, our thoughts can turn dark. This time of year often reminds me of my mortality. We all live, flourish . . . die. Yet Autumn also signifies celebration. Thanksgiving arrives. Christmas is just around the corner.

While Autumn can seem gloomy, real despair struck our planet in Spring . . . long ago . . . when our Savior was nailed to a tree.

Check out Tim’s latest poem . . .

Autumn Commemoration

Two New Christian Poems

Two poems about Jesus Christ and the hope He has supplied to the world.

Here at truthsaves we love poems that glorify Jesus Christ. Recently we’ve received two excellent submissions. One is written by Joe Breunig, author of Reaching Toward His Unbounded Glory (http://www.squidoo.com/book-isbn-1419650513), and it’s about the truth revealed in Biblical archaeology.

Read Prism to Our Past here.

The other is a powerful poem by Scot Crone revealing the hope Jesus Christ graciously supplies to all those who trust in Him. It doesn’t matter what we’ve done or where we are in life – God waits for us. His mercies are new every morning.

Read Sunday’s Coming here.

New Christian Testimony – From Gangster to Preacher

An exciting Christian testimony of transformation – from a street gangster to a preacher!

The good news never stops rolling in.

I just recently read this testimony – and I loved it because it reaffirmed that God doesn’t need perfect people to accomplish His will. He takes imperfect, broken, people and transforms them into His image.

What excites me so much? Well, I’m far from perfect, so it gives me hope that God will someday be able to use me in a powerful way.

Read this testimony of how Victor was changed from a street gangster to a preacher.

And hey, while you’re reading this, why don’t you send in your testimony? Don’t make another excuse – just send it in! God wants to use you!