Salvation – A Christian Poem

Salvation is offered freely to all. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. God is waiting to transform your life. A poem.

Mike sends in poems once in a while and I don’t post them for about 10 years. So, I’m happy that he continues to send in poems even though I’m so slow at getting them up.

This one, Salvation, really hit home with me. I have already obtained salvation, by the grace of Jesus Christ, but there is still internal strife that needs to be overcome. Sin still crops up. Satan still battles for my soul. Transformation is still necessary for me to grow into the person Jesus wants me to be.


Christopher’s Testimony

Read Christopher’s testimony – the story of how God opened the ears and eyes of an unbelieving scientist.

It’s pretty amazing when God steps in and changes someone’s life. What’s even more amazing is when it’s a person who’s already convinced that God is a myth. Check out Christopher’s testimony – the story of how God opened the ears and eyes of an unbelieving scientist.

Christopher’s Christian Testimony

My Life Before Jesus

Brooke’s testimony tells of God’s mercy. He listens to those who call on His name.

Brooke’s testimony is powerful.

It’s an illustration of God’s promise to never leave or forsake us.

Brooke ran as far from Him as she could. But when she needed Him, she cried out to Him and He answered her. He came to her in her time of need.

Not only that, but Brooke had a network of Christians praying for her. God listened to those prayers and he responded to them in a powerful way. The prayer of the saints is effective (James 5:16).

I rejoice with Paul, knowing that the gospel of God is being preached through Brooke and her story. Praise God! I’m thankful to serve One who will never leave or forsake us . . . One who will always welcome us home.

My Life Before Jesus – Brooke’s Christian Testimony

Homeland Security

As Christians, our homeland is heaven. And God’s our homeland security director. We have nothing to fear. A poem.

I really like this poem.

We hear so much about our wonderful homeland security (and of course it’s excellent) but for Christians, our homeland is elsewhere. And God’s our homeland security director. He will never make mistakes or let any harm come to us. We have eternity to chill out and relax.

So why in the world doesn’t everyone want to live in our eternal homeland? That’s one I’ll never be able to figure out.

Homeland Security

The Sign of the Bow

Do rainbows remind you of God’s promises? This poem reminds us that rainbows are a sign from God.

We often see rainbows. But when we do, do we remember God’s promise?

This poem helps us remember that God gave us a promise and He reveals that promise through a sign – a rainbow.

The Sign of the Bow

No Substitute

Potions, pills, religions, cults-they provide temporary fixes to mend lives filled with pain & loss. But there’s only one true fix.

This poem reminds us that nothing the world can offer provides true fulfillment. Sure, drugs will cover pain for a short while. Sex can make us feel loved and happy – temporarily. Psychologists provide advice on how to be happy. Oprah tells us what to do to be successful. Movies, the Internet, music, video games, careers . . . the list of temporary fixes goes on forever.

But there is only one true source of fulfillment and that is Jesus Christ.

No Substitute

Karinne’s Christian Testimony

We all lose loved ones. Sometimes it’s cancer – sometimes a car wreck. It’s easy to question God in such times.

Karinne lost her mother to cancer. During the ordeal she became angry with God. Why had He taken her mother?

She soon discovered that God has ways of letting us know that He still cares about us, even when we’re struggling with life’s challenges. He often shows us His love in surprising ways.

Read Karinne’s testimony and be blessed.

Sinners or Saints?

As Christians, should we think of ourselves as sinners? Or should we consider ourselves holy, blameless saints?

Sometimes you’ll hear a Christian say something like, “We’re all just a bunch of sinners.” I suppose one could consider it semantics, but we believe that viewing ourselves as “holy” and “blameless” and “set apart” is an integral part of conforming our minds to that image.

Here’s something else to consider. How does God view Christ-followers? Does the Bible really address it?

Tim tries to set out our view in the following article:

Sinners or Saints

Melvin’s Christian Testimony

Melvin’s testimony reminds us to listen for God’s direction.

Sometimes we don’t listen to God as closely as we should. This testimony reminds us that God may be telling us something important, right now, that we desperately need to listen to. Read how God directed Melvin to be in the right place at the right time to save his girlfriend’s life.

Melvin’s Christian Testimony