JW’s Christian Testimony

JW was a fingerstyle guitarist who broke both his wrists in a bad fall.

JW was a fingerstyle guitar player who broke both his wrists, his elbows and some of his ribs. The doctor told him he’d never play again. When I read that, all I could think was, “Wow, that must’ve really sucked.”

Read JW’s testimony here.

Michael’s Christian Testimony

Michael was raised in a Christian home. He wandered, but ultimately returned to God’s goodness.

Michael’s testimony speaks volumes about God’s faithfulness. We may wander, but He’ll always patiently seek us out. God has a vibrant life in store for all those who earnestly seek Him.

Submit to His will and discover your life’s purpose.

Read Michael’s testimony here.

Christian Testimonies

We’ve posted fifty Christian testimonies on our site and we’re looking for more. Submit your testimony for publication.

We’ve posted fifty spellbinding Christian testimonies on https://truthsaves.org/christian-testimony! It’s amazing watching God change lives.

Tonight I pray that God will place it on your heart to share your story. I pray that God will send us fifty more testimonies! As fast as they come in, I’ll post them on the site.

If you’re considering sending us your testimony, check out my squidoo page for some tips on writing an effective testimony.

If God places it on your heart to share your story, then clear away the excuses and write! Some possible (lame) excuses follow:

  • My writing skills suck!
  • My testimony’s not really a testimony. It’s just a boring story.
  • I’m low on time. I’ll do it tomorrow.
  • I don’t know where to start.

I’ve heard all these extremely lame excuses many times before. I would respond to these excuses as follows:

  • Your writing skills may suck, but we have a some good editors here.
  • Your story is an effective testimony. Hurting people are out there, right now, looking for someone, anyone – they can relate to. Your story could be the one to lead them into a living relationship with the Jesus of the Bible.
  • Come on. Everyone’s low on time. You find time for your priorities; this should be one of them.
  • Just start. Begin writing. You’ll find your flow.

We’re waiting. God’s waiting. People heading to hell are waiting. What are you waiting for?

cure – Another Poem

A poem of faith in Jesus.

Hetty – thank you!

I appreciate your poems, your testimony, and your words of encouragement more than you’ll know.

For those of you who don’t know, Hetty has suffered with seizures much of her life. But her faith is strong; she shines brightly in this dark sea of cyberspace.

Read her latest poem:


A Purposeless Life

For Liz, life lacked purpose. But she met Jesus Christ, and found her reason for living.

When life lacks meaning, where do you turn? Some turn to drugs or drinking, others turn to pornography, still others delve into their careers, searching in vain for the ever-elusive purpose.

Liz understood what it meant to feel empty and bitter. Then she met Jesus Christ – the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Read Liz’s’ testimony here.

Hetty’s Christian Testimony

Read Hetty’s amazing Christian testimony of the power of Jesus Christ. She has struggled through continual sickness and pain, but still keeps Jesus front and center in her life.

Late last night I read a flabbergasting life story of a woman racked with disease and pain. As I read her tweets and her messages to me, she sounded energetic, upbeat and happy. That, my friends, is an authentic demonstration of the power of Jesus Christ at work in a person’s life. I’m a believer, but if I had to go through half of the troubles Hetty’s been through, I think my attitude might really suck.

Read Hetty’s testimony of faith here.

Ralph’s Story of God’s Goodness

Ralph’s testimony of God’s goodness. He went from sheriff, to marine, to Navy corpsman, to finding peace in Jesus.

I’ve never seen death. I’ve barely experienced it in my life. Ralph saw death regularly. He became hardened to it. As a police officer and member of our armed forces, he experienced all sorts of things I only see in movies.

Read Ralph’s story:

From Marine, to Sheriff, to Navy Corpsman, to Christ-follower.

Check out Ralph’s website here.

B’s Testimony

Read B’s Christian testimony of God’s mercy and love.

God has a way of chasing us down. He pushes and pulls and draws us gently (or not so gently) toward Himself. As people with free will, we can resist, but why would we?

Yet we do.

B avoided God for years, but eventually answered His call.

Will you avoid Him? And for how long? He’s calling.

Read B’s testimony of God’s grace here.

Emory Rowland’s Testimony

A Christian testimony of how the love of Jesus Christ captured a man’s heart.

As I browsed around, I happened upon an interesting site . . . called Clickfire. I’m still not 100% sure what it’s all about, but I’m enjoying my exploration. It appears to be a combination of webmaster tutorials (php, html, css), webhost reviews (what about Parcom?), free website tools . . . and, most importantly, it includes an amazing Christian testimony from Emory.

He gave me permission to post his testimony on truthsaves, so if you have a few minutes, you can read it here.

Fate . . . Sometimes it Affects Us

Fate definitely factors into this Christian testimony.

I admit it. I don’t believe in Fate. Well, I didn’t until I read this testimony. Now I’m a firm believer.

This testimony will suck you in. You’ll wander around in her psychedelic world, then you’ll finish and wonder, “Does this sort of thing really happen?” I did.

Check it out by clicking right here.